Why is it that I know pain?
Did it target me, thinking I’m the perfect innocent victim?
Or perhaps, did it find me a worthy adversary?
I lay here, tired, feeling it slowly seep from within me.
Soaking back in deep. Burning. Twisting. Stagnant.

I can only use my eyes and my mind to escape.
I want so much to sleep.
I have no where to run, no where to hide.
I try to formulate my plan of defense.
I try to out whit it.
Think of it as just a sensation that I decide what to interpret it as.

How long will it persevere? Hours, days, weeks, more?
I try to comfort myself that at some point it will get tired and need to take a rest.
That is when I will try to take my life back.
Even if for just a day.

Night is gone, no more time for me to rest.
Carpe Dium, I must cease the day and attempt productivity.
For how long though?

I can try to know my enemy well and anticipate its next move.
It sleeps with one eye open. Waiting with a smirk.
I smile. I pretend I am stronger.
A game we play with one another.
I am so tired though.

It returns and the only life I experience is that of watching it go by.
I wait and watch for my opportunity to return.